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Upgrade your outdoor space with EarthWorx’s supplies. Whether you want to enhance your yard or completely change its look, we have the materials to execute your project. All of our products are of superior quality and can be delivered directly to you.

With physical locations in Brookville and Woodland, Pennsylvania, we cater to homeowners, contractors, and DIY prospects in Jefferson and Clearfield Counties.

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Bauer Block Retaining Wall Systems

For over 20 years, Bauer Block has set the global standard for excellence and innovation in the industry of segmental retaining walls. Their cutting-edge and aesthetic products and keystone services ensure incredible functionality and durability.

Aside from residential applications, Bauer Block’s retaining walls are the ideal choice for government, commercial, industrial, recreational, and public works projects as well.

Nicolock Pavers

Give your property an inviting and stylish outdoor space with Nicolock Pavers. You can choose from a range of colorful pavers made with their original Paver-Shield technology.


Ensure your pavement stands the test of time with SealMaster’s pavement sealers. Their commitment to delivering quality pavement maintenance makes them a trusted choice among contractors, property owners, and highway and street departments.


Have an elegant outdoor space with WOODBED CORP, specializing in virgin wood fiber and bark mulch products. By offering consistent, uniform, and uncontaminated loads, they have built a reputation for exceptional quality across the Tri-State area.

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With EarthWorx as your partner, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting high-quality landscaping products at incredible prices. Send us a message to learn how we can help fulfill your project’s requirements.